Do you want to sit
straight in front of
the computer?

We’ll be glad to help you
with RelaxEyes!

Free download!
for Windows only (7,5 mb)

About RelaxEyes

Firstly, this is a program that
controls your position relative to the monitor,
or rather web-camera, alerting you when you
are too close to the screen.

This option is only available
if you have a web-camera!

How it works

When you start to stoop,
the screen gets blurred
and inactive.

When you straighten your back, the picture on
the screen becomes sharp again, and you can
continue working. It’s simple! :)

Secondly, the program allows you to customize
the work and break periods.
Your eyes won’t be tired from long hours in front of the computer,
and you will always be able to take a break for a cup
of tea or coffee.

More about RelaxEyes

  • Absolutely free

    The lite version of the
    program is free,
    for personal use only.

  • Health of your eyes

    Using RelaxEyes you can
    monitor your posture, as
    well as your eyes’ health.

  • Easy and fast

    The program’s performance
    is fast due to small amount
    of RAM required.

  • Promo video

    Watch a promo video
    about the importance of
    proper posture and timely
    breaks when sitting at the
    computer. (5mb)

User reviews

  • Caroline

    IT teacher

    Good day to you! I work in a school,
    and we’ve had the RelaxEyes program
    installed in our computer classrooms.
    We are enjoying it greatly, and our
    students are highly enthusiastic about
    it. It’s a pleasure to see the children’s
    straight backs! I’ve also installed
    RelaxEyes on my son’s laptop at home.

  • Joseph


    Hello! I’ve installed the program on my
    laptop recently. I was afraid that it
    might be annoying. On the contrary, it’s
    very comfortable, very convenient. The
    most important thing is, the program
    doesn’t slow down the computer’s
    performance or distract from work.

  • Helen

    Graphic designer

    I liked RelaxEyes really very much!
    Adjusted the settings once and never
    thought of them again, while the
    program thinks about you all the time,
    as if taking care of you :) It reminds me
    to take a break, this is so nice! Looking
    forward to updates with new features
    and options!

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